Who We Are

Chris Walk is a 501c3 certified non-profit organization established in 2007 for support of those addicted, and their families who are experiencing substance abuse issues.

Our Mission Statement: To advocate and be a support for those addicted and their families who are experiencing substance abuse issues. We will accomplish this by sharing our story through public speaking, education, media contact, and any other means available. Our main event is the Chris Walk which is held annually in July with the purpose of raising awareness and fundraising.

What We Offer

Charity 1 Mile Walk

The 10th Annual Chris Walk Night out Against Substance Abuse will be held on Saturday, July 15th, 2017 from 4 – 7 pm at Mt. St. Mary Park, St. Charles, IL. The event includes a 1 mile walk or ½ hour Zumba event. The admission fee for the event is $10.

Zumba Event

The 10th Annual Chris Walk Night out Against Substance Abuse will be held on Saturday, July 15th, 2017 from 4 – 7 pm at Mt. St. Mary Park, St. Charles, IL. The event includes a 1 mile walk or ½ hour Zumba event. The admission fee for the event is $10.


This family event also features guest speakers, raffles, silent auctions, food for purchase from Nate’z Hotdogs and the Good Humor Man. Also, music by DJ Prism Lights, entertainment by Glowby, the Bubble Guy and much more. Even if you aren’t participating in the walk or Zumba, feel free to come out and support this great cause and enjoy the evening. This year’s Chris Walk Community Service Award will be given to Kairos Torch- IYC St. Charles. This group of dedicated individuals holds weekend retreats for the inmates at the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles.  After the weekend, these volunteers agree to weekly one on one mentoring.


Chris’s Story

By Vicki Foley, Christopher Foley’s Mother

I don’t know why as a young child I believed that I would have a storybook life but I’m sure that that precious hope was instilled in me by my parents and it was by their parents, etc.  We are all looking for our children to have a better life than we did.  That’s what I was looking for as I gazed into the eyes of my newborn son, Christopher on Jan. 29, 1980.  I wanted the best for him.  I wanted him to know God, to have a good career, nice house, job, wife, kids, etc….the American dream

And Chris was a wonderful child; he was smart, loving and fun.  At the age of 2 he was working puzzles above his age level and I knew he was going to be someone special.  I could see that he was going to be a world changer. 

In grade school he was an A or B student with very little effort and he was social.  He was the class clown.

“We took Chris for counseling and we did family counseling but things continued to escalate.  He voluntarily admitted himself into an inpatient rehab facility after my prodding; we were hopeful but not for long.  I remember visiting Chris at the facility on Mother’s Day—not the way a mother expects to spend her Mother’s Day.  This was just the start of ruined holidays.”

It wasn’t until junior high that I started to see changes in Chris.  His grades were still good but his social circle was changing. He was also caught smoking which brought its consequences of community service.  No one in my house smokes so I didn’t condone this behavior.  I also didn’t know that cigarette smoking increases a person’s risk of using illegal drugs.

We managed to make it through junior high but high school brought its new set of challenges, once again another circle of friends and appearance changes. He started to dress goth with baggy clothes and I questioned him frequently about what was going on.  We started searching his room and found some paraphernalia.  Chris was expelled from his senior year because he was found with marijuana.

Our Team

Vicki Foley


Vicki Foley is President of Chris Walk Against Substance Abuse. Vicki was named the 2016 Volunteer of the Year by the Kane County Adult Justice Center and has spoken at the Kane County Drug Court Graduation and MO Recovery Conference. She speaks about the importance of substance abuse education through drug forums, the Annual Chris Walk Night Out Against Substance Abuse and other programs. Vicki is involved in prison ministry currently serving at the Kane County Adult Justice Center. She has also volunteered at The Illinois Youth Center, Stateville Correctional Center and Logan Correctional Center.

Larry Foley

Vice President

Larry Foley, Chris’ Father is our vice President. Larry has lived in St. Charles all of his life; his family has owned the Reber & Foley service station in town for over 70 years. Larry has been a successful businessman for many years. He has a solid financial background and is known for his decision making and common sense reasoning. He is passionate about substance abuse prevention and is empathetic to those dealing with this issue as he understands it firsthand. Additionally, Larry is the muscle behind Chris Walk as he will haul, carry or create anything we need.

Anita Lewis


Anita Lewis is our Secretary. She has been employed in Aurora for over 30 years in the Supply Chain field. She holds a Business Degree from DePaul University and is a Certified Life Coach with her own business, C.S. Coaching Group. Anita has served on the East Aurora D131 school board and the Kairos Torch-IYC board. She currently co-facilitates a Grief Share Group and is involved in Prison Ministry.

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